Broadloom FAQ's

What is Broadloom?

Carpet has longstanding been a favourite floor covering option for New Zealand homes. It is hard to go past the warmth, insulation and comfort that only carpet can provide, especially on chilly winter mornings. Each flooring type has its own pros and cons, it's up to you to decide what option best fits your home and lifestyle. We've put together a list of common characteristics of carpet as well as frequently asked questions on the subject to help you decide if it is the right choice for you.

Where can I use Broadloom?

Broadlooms are great for rooms where you want comfort underfoot. Ideally Bedrooms and Living areas. Broadloom can also be used on stairs and high traffic areas - however we don't recommend it in Kitchens, bathrooms and laundry's. These spaces we would recommend some type of hard flooring.  

What is Pile?

Pile refers to the fiber length, loops, cuts, twist and overall construction of the carpet fibers. This is the soft surface that's made carpet so popular. A high pile, means the fibers are taller and looser - a low pile on the other hand, has shorter carpet fibers and tighter loops.

What does Cut, Loop and Texture mean?

This refers to the Cut of the carpet pile fibers. Different cuts and loops create different effects to the overall texture.

When choosing Broadloom - quality, fiber type, weight, tightness of the stitching and pile height are all factors that will affect a carpet’s performance. Here are the most popular types of pile.

Cut pileCUT PILE: The most popular style for residential carpets and the most readily available. Cut pile carpets are soft and durable. Since there are no loops to get caught on and pulled, it is a good option for homes with pets and kids. A short pile length is great for low-maintenance, and longer piles great for a more retro look. loop pileLOOP PILE: A loop pile carpet is made with a loop in the thread pulled through the backing. This style of carpet is hard wearing, durable and doesn’t tend to show tracking (footprints) as the fibers are less likely to squish. Loops can also be made with blends of different colored yarns, making them better for wear with high traffic as the color is more varied.

texture pileTEXTURED LOOP PILE: A tyoe of loop pile carpet - Texture loop piles is usually made using loops of a single color, with loops at varying heights to create surface texture.– the cut pile process combined with uneven and or twisted fibers – makes them both extremely hard wearing and less likely to show up dirt, tracks or dents
Cut LoopCUT + LOOP PILE: Cut and loop textures, or level loop and cut pile are carpets which have a combination of cut and loop pile. They often have a very fine and luxurious finish giving a prestigious finish to living areas.
What type of oz do I need?

As a general rule the flooring industry standard is to weigh carpet in ounces. The heavier the weight of the carpet, usually the higher the price and the better a carpet will wear over time. We sell a range of different weights for ever purpose. If you have more specific questions or would like to talk this over - please give us a call.  

Tracking? What is this?

In plush, shaggy or extremely soft carpets types you may notice footprints being left behind as people walk or visual lines when vacuuming.

This is extremely common and known as tracking. All cut pile carpets can show tracking and depending on the texture and resilience of the carpet fibre. If this doesn't sound like something your into, go for a shorter pile or a loop pile carpet.

What underlay should I use?

Underlay is all about comfort, acoustics and thermal properties. We usually recommend a 10mm underlay for all our broadloom carpets - though we also offer thicker sizes on request. 

Why doesn't Myfloor sell Wool carpet?

At My Floor we recommended Nylon as a carpet fiber - great with kids, pets, dust and dirt it is superior in longevity to wool fiber. As a company we want to provide the best quality product to our customers, that will last the longest time. So we only offer Nylon based carpet fibers. 

Can I install My Floor products myself?

100% All our products at MyFloor are DIY capable and can be installed by yourselves. However for our broadloom we prefer that you use one of our preferred installers. They are experts in laying all types of flooring and will give a great finish - unless you are a well versed Broadloom installer, this is well worth the money. 

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