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Technical Specifications

What is LVT, Vinyl Planking?

LVT is made by Hot Pressing several layers  to unsure maximum durability.

Does vinyl Planking show mark?

Vinyl planking will show indentations and scratch over time. To minimise the impact simply follow our Cleaning and Care Tips.

Can I Use LVT with Underfloor heating?

Yes. Up to 27 degrees after installation do not increase your floor temperature by more then 2 degrees per day.

Is My Floor LVT suitable for families with allergies?

Hard flooring is always the best choice for the control of dust and airborne allergens. (

Can I install My Floor products myself?

Yes. All our products can be installed by yourselves.

Can Vinyl be Glued Down Directly To All Subfloors?

Vinyl Planking can be laid onto any stable subfloor, ensure your flooring is fixed and secure. For installations over T&G flooring you are require at fix down a 3mm hardboard to ensure a stable substrate is achieved.

Can I Use Vinyl Flooring Everywhere In My Property?

Yes you can. My Floor range of LVT is waterproof and will not absorb any moisture however it does not create a barrier to your subfloor. Due to New Zealand harsh UV conditions LVT is not warrantied from UV damage or discolouration.

Can I reseal My Floor Vinyl Flooring?

Yes. Vinyl Planking is  imitating real timber, unlike real timber you do not need to sand the floor back you simply strip the old sealer and re-apply a new coat.

Is LVT Hardwearing?

LVT has been the preferred flooring option through-out the commercial including New Zealand largest retailers and Auckland Airport.