Vinyl Planking + LVT FAQ's

What is LVT, Vinyl Planking?

LVT means Luxury Vinyl Tile, however most refer to them as Vinyl Planks.

LVT is made by hot pressing several layers to unsure maximum durability. We start with a PVC base, then topped that with a fill layer for dimensional stability. We then place on a photographic image layer (called a print film) to replicate a wood, ceramic or stone design. Then on top of this image, a clear vinyl wear layer is applied and embossed to protect the tile or plank, allow for extra durability and create a realistic texture of the original material.

Depending on the rage of LVT there may be various differences in the layers making up the flooring. For example - in our Easy Lay product we allow for extra layers. This makes the product thicker so we can lay them over existing or uneven floors. 

Is LVT/Vinyl Planking hard wearing? Does it show marks?

Vinyl planking is great for high wear and tear areas - but it will show indentations and scratch over time.

As a general rule - the thicker the wear layer on the LVT - the longer the flooring will last. A quality top coat (like ours) is what makes LVT a durable and hardwearing choice for your home. While a thicker wear layer will usually be more expensive, it will provide a more scratch-resistant surface for a longer time. Especially against moving furniture, pets, kids and dirt. 

To minimize the impact of this simply follow our Cleaning and Care Tips.

LVT has been the preferred flooring option through-out New Zealand homes and commercial sectors for many years - Our sister company ProjectFloors has even installed it in New Zealand largest retailers and Auckland Airport.

Should I use felt feet for my furniture?

Always - especially if you move it often. Rubber feet on furniture can sometimes react with vinyl flooring and cause discoloration spots. So we always recommend using furniture felt, socks or pads to lift furniture off your LVT. 

Can I Use LVT with Underfloor heating?

Yes. As long as you keep your underfloor heating under 27 degrees - after you install LVT.

Immediately after you install your new LVT - make sure you increase your floor temperature slowly by no more then 2 degrees per day, until you are up to your desired temperature.

My family has allergies is My Floor LVT a good choice?

Hard flooring is always the best choice for the control of dust and airborne allergens. (

Can I install My Floor products myself?

100% All our products at MyFloor are DIY capable and can be installed by yourselves.

Vinyl Planking can be laid onto any stable subfloor, ensure your flooring is fixed and secure. For installations over T&G flooring you are require at fix down a 3mm hardboard to ensure a stable substrate is achieved.

Where can I use LVT and Vinyl planking?

Pretty much everwhere! My Floor's range of LVT is waterproof and will not absorb any moisture. Providing your space has good ventilation and the temperature range does not move outside of the recommended conditions for your product. You can use it in the Kitchen, Living spaces, Bedrooms, Laundry and Bathroom. It does however not create a barrier for your subfloor.

Can I reseal My Floor Vinyl Flooring?

Yes. Due to New Zealand harsh UV conditions LVT is not warrantied from UV damage or discolouration, but it can be resealed. Vinyl Planking is imitating real timber, so unlike real timber you do not need to sand the floor back - you simply strip off the old sealer and re-apply a new coat. 

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